Unit 2 Assessment

Symposium 2: 


Critical Evaluation:

Looking at the work I used to apply to the course, I am overwhelmed with the transformative effects critical and reflective thinking has had on my conceptual, technical and aesthetic approach. My research paper was the catalyst for change, and critically, the time spent investigating my research question altered the way I approached my practice. Subsequently, I found the research paper to be the most progressive element of my experience on the MA.

My proposal aimed to challenge the possibilities of a 3dimensional internet and the effects of everyday, digital technologies on individual and group identities. After the research paper, I focused on the simple relationship between user and device and its similarities to the dedication shown in mainstream religious practices. I’ve continued and evolved on this concept throughout Unit 2. I successfully created an aesthetic that visualises the multiplicity of online identity as well as creating a linear style to make up an abstract impression of the complexity of internet traffic. I wish I had gone further in representing iconography and specific stories, however I feel this is something to approach in the coming months and years.

In Unit 1 I focused heavily on stained glass windows. Alongside this I had an interest in reactive paintings / artworks. This lead me to develop the concept of the artwork revealing its narrative to the users presence, just as we would interact with our devices. Ed Kelly has been an important and brilliant partner to collaborate with in realising my hopes for that concept. His custom circuit design and implementation has been very effective, and has produced the outcome I’d hoped. I’m incredibly thankful for his involvement with the final piece.

At the start of the course I had an erratic passion for technology and its use in art process. This ranged from Virtual Reality, to creative coding. My interest would jump from the next new process to the next. I spent Unit 1 experimenting with these ideas, perhaps making up for my lack of a BA in Fine Art. I was finding my feet. Now, finishing Unit 2, I feel confident that I’ve developed a concentrated methodology around experimentation between physical and digital process. I focused on the imbalance between the two as a concept and have found that my interest in the digital has far outweighed that of the physical. My oil paints have remained untouched.

The course has been transformative. The ability to meet such a creative and interesting group of peers has been an invaluable part of the course. The community around the MA and being able to watch others progress and alter has been a pleasure to be a part of. I hope to keep the connections made on the course throughout the future.

Future Developments:

I will continue my interdisciplinary practice looking at internet architecture and digital identity with the hope of creating live-stream MMO experiences in VR in the coming years. I have considered a PhD however I think that in the immediate future I will try to develop my practice as a professional artist. I will keep the option of a PhD open in the future depending on what happens over the next few years. I would love to collaborate with peers on the course to further a collective understanding of art practice in todays London.

I hope to find a better mix between my drawing practice and my newfound 3D work. I approached and investigated this relationship between physical and digital, however I feel I never truly grasped it. I’ll continue to experiment between processes and techniques, as well as find bridges between concepts in different areas of study. Realistically, there is a lot of uncertainty around the future of my practice, however I aim to give it my complete focus, dedication and endeavor to evolve as I have done on this course.

Practice Based Research:

Gateway, Final Piece: 


Profiles Series: An investigation into multiple online profiles.



Gateway VR, Version 1 (Oculus Rift):





In Prayer


Stage Door: Driving Concept for Gateway. 


Empires_4_Egos: An online exhibition looking at online ego. 


Reflective Thinking: 













Low Residency:






Media Creatures: