Unit 1 Assessment

Formulate, describe and implement a challenging and self-directed programme of study, relating to your Project Proposal

The first version of my project proposal has shown me quite how much can change along the MA. I always had a vague understanding of my research, however my focus on religion in the Research Paper begun to steer me in a finer direction. From the beginning I’ve been fascinated by Virtual Reality and the idea of the Virtual Space Race. I’ve been using this as a place to explore the deeper issues of internet culture such as information / misinformation and its effects on individuals and communities. These are all subsets of an encompassing interest in the successes and pitfalls of the integration between physical and digital. Through a mixed physical / digital practice I have hoped to show these difficulties.

I’ve found so far that my experimentation has been more digital, though I’ve tried to make sure there have been elements of physically created work. This is an important note for Unit 2, as I wish to ensure that I use these experiments in creating physical, hand-made artwork.

Stained Glass windows were not featured in my first draft, however have become an important emblem of what I hope to achieve. By contrasting the television as a medium of focused imagery, with that of religious stained glass windows, I’ve found a connection in the empowering and almost addictive nature of religion and media.

Project Proposal

Critically engage with practice-based research and contribute actively to debate and discussion

At first I considered the digital figure, and quickly realised a visual language to explain the duplicity of online profiles. This was clearly an essential step to recognising the makeup of an online identity. Without intending it, the first piece of imagery made on the course was used to create some of my most recent and successful work. It is this element of reflection that I believed has helped my work to progress and endeavour, though there is still a long way to go in truly achieving my aims and objectives. However, I believe the work I’ve created in Unit 1 has set me on the path.

I entirely admit that my practice has at times been erratic, scattered and spread thin. Though I feel this was necessary for me to ‘get it out of my system’, and by process of elimination, get on the right course. My work early on in the course included:

These series’ have really helped me establish my style in reflecting the internet as a physical space. For a project that is so reliant on the landscape, this has been essential. Early attempts at including identities into this space have differed tremendously, and in many ways failed to meet my project proposal, but again, have been essential to iron out the faults in my practice.

‘Society of Spectacle’ was particularly demanding as in many ways, it put me off oils, which was the last thing i expected from the work, and at the same time, pushed me in the direction of the user-device relationship. This theme has ended up being a vital part of my MA. The device is very simply the only way we can interact with this online space, and therefore is the window between the physical and the digital. The works below, as well as the research paper, have stemmed from this topic.

After establishing my linear style, I began to find new ways of creating it. Each time they seemed to progress, particularly with the hardware I now have a vague understanding of. Visual coding and 3d animation were processes I hoped to come to terms with in the first draft of the project proposal. A year on and I feel I’ve made some significant steps forward in understanding them, though of course, they are both in themselves very difficult to grasp, and will take much longer to truly understand. The works below give an idea of the evolution of the ‘Signals’ series. I am yet to texturise each line with a different piece of media, however  I have established the framework to do so. These images are incredibly close to what I’ve pictured as the intersections of internet traffic, I hope to incorporate public APIs, and AR software to take this a few steps further.

In finding a balance between digital and physical practice, my most successful practice based research has been turning physical drawings into detailed 3d Renders. My next step would be to use these renders to again create physical pieces.

Critically reflect upon your practice and articulate a clear understanding of methodology and context of your creative practice

Understanding the context behind the work I’ve made has come from the reflective blog / journal, as well as physical sketchbooks. Although I haven’t been militantly brilliant at keeping it up (as one would a diary). The detailed and lengthy entries that I have written have been vital for me to step forward. Particularly when coming to the tutorials I’ve found that I have a much greater understanding of my progress, achievements and issues when reading through all the previous posts. Below are a list of posts I believe help to get a hold on what I’ve been doing.

Reflective Journal 

Formal Research Submission: