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Emission – Reactive Installation – TRIBE15

Over the summer I purchased a Leap Motion. Within days I was excited about its possibilities and began to play around with it in Processing. The concept for this installation was simple. The Leap Motion as a piece of consumer technology essentially gives the user the ability to interact with the computer in thin air, a sort of realistic attempt at George Lucas’s ‘The Force’… but instead only replacing the use of your mouse. Its a powerful, and very exciting bit of kit. I realised quickly that it would give me the opportunity to create an effect I’d hoped of for a while… for the viewer to customise the artwork to their preference (within set parameters obviously…. so not quite the ultimate customisation i dream of.. but a step in the right direction )…

The simple concept is that those using social media emit identities and have the ability to customise it.

First Attempt, as it appeared on the laptop screen:

In the Gallery:

TRIBE 2015 – Works

I’ve attached a few photos of my display at TRIBE, i can’t express enough how lucky I was that the wall had these pre-fixed wooden boards, with the perfect amount of space for my pieces, any larger, there would have been issues as we weren’t able to drill.

The ink drawings look at ideas around digital identity and virtual space.

Identity Emission



The Guild –


Stepping In –       IMG_1669

The Balcony –