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And So the Year Begins…

The past month has been as refreshing as it ever is. The work i’ve done hasn’t had the impact on my research as I would like… but I must forgive myself… as it was Christmas!…. (seems to get longer every year… oh well)

I needed to make some money to buy christmas presents, and luckily found the chance to do a few Christmas Portraits. All of them are simply pencil on paper, and have been done from photographs rather than sittings, though I do aim to start a weekly life drawing class early this year to work on my confidence with sitters.

 IMG_6930 IMG_6774 IMG_7093FullSizeRender-2

All year I’ve intended to do something to remember the centenary of the First World War, and in my usual style…. i left it to the final 3 days of December to cram it in. With a stroke of luck, and a few potentially rushed decisions, I completed an A3 lino-cut to honour both the soldiers, and our remembrance of them 100 years on. It depicts a line of soldiers marching through the mud on their way to war, and below them the poppies that stem from their sacrifice.

5C602805-AAF1-45A3-A34B-846669EC4D12 5C602805-AAF1-45A3-A34B-846669EC4D12

The beginning of the month, however, was a little more productive. I created a sketchbook to bring together the work done in the first term. It simply acts as a reflective journal of my initial ideas when approaching the project proposal, including the original mind maps / notes / readings / images for inspiration / as well as my artworks. Here’s a few pages below:

IMG_6805 IMG_6806 IMG_6809 IMG_6810 IMG_6812

Below are a few till receipt sketches done whilst bored at work….. and a few other random bits and bobs from the month, both hand-drawn and digital.

IMG_6918 IMG_7013 IMG_6961 IMG_6779This month, I will continue working on a commission. The work is looking into digitised society, and the spectacles many of us miss as are faces are buried in our phones.. Its a large canvas, in fact, the largest I’ve done for a little while. The original blueprint design is a photoshopped image from different photographs taken throughout 2014. Many of the figures within the final piece, are figures I have used in separate, smaller works. The current condition of the canvas is still only an under-painting, but I will log its progress over the next few weeks, and be sure to keep this updated.

IMG_6726 IMG_6890 IMG_6898 IMG_7062

The other thing I’ve been working on, however, I aim to do a much more detailed post on this… includes an arduino and LEDs.. I have purchased the components needed to fulfil my concept…. however I am wading in waters I have no place in swimming… and haven’t yet figured out the coding necessary to fulfil my hopes…. though I did manage to get the LED working! Which is a small step…. but one thing at a time!