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05012015 – A Walk Online SKETCH


My moped broke down last night on the way back from the studio. I was forced to wait in McDonalds on the Holloway Road for over 2 hours for a recovery man to arrive. Luckily, I had my laptop and thought I’d play around with an image I’d made towards the end of the year on DAZ Studio.

Its just a sketch, however, the almost computerised, virtual setting, i feel, (especially the impression of buildings or trees,) is something I’ve been striving towards.

As for the figures, I hope to transfer their Sim-esque aesthetic into a more weighty, hand-drawn finish. The clothing, hair, and facial expressions of the figures are also something I feel I would have more control over with a pencil or a brush. Seeing as the man’s currently wearing swimming trunks, and the woman, a bra and shorts…… there’s clearly work to be done.

This avatar aesthetic echoes gaming, which in turn makes me think of the impact a virtual being in a virtual world can have on the users reality.┬áThe thought of going for a walk online with your partner came to mind when creating this. I’ve been interested in the possibilities of Virtual Realities, and recently I’ve been particularly interested how it could affect friendships and relationships. We are all aware of how Skype and Whats-app have changed the way we communicate… surely virtual reality is the next step.

As for DAZ, Its definitely a good way to control the figure, much less expensive than hiring a life model, much easier than having to digitally model your own person and you have entire control over the pose and angle. It’s FREE! so Boom, I will use it again.