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Happy Belated 150th Birthday Monsieur Henri

I do love how Google reminds everyone of the post-humous birthdays of exceptional people. Sometimes, the Google doodle team’s decisions can be questionable, but yesterday’s focus on the Parisian painter and illustrator Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec is more than appropriate.

No one caught the frivolity of 19th C Bohemian Paris better than him. The absinthe, the brothels, the dancers…

A man who only lived a short life (died at 36) managed to capture an astounding sense of urban identity, mostly in Paris, but also in London! His own weaknesses can really be felt in his portrayals of the local drunks, as well as his fascination with the prostitutes of Montmartre.

Here’s a few selected works that have inspired me, and many others, at some point along the line:






Mark Farid’s ‘Seeing I’

On the subject of virtual reality, London based artist Mark is testing the waters in a month long bid to experience life from another person’s point of view. For 28 days, He will be immersed in the daily life of a complete stranger, only known to him as ‘input’. Every aspect of the inputs life will be relayed to Mark, including showering, sleeping, going to the toilet, going to work, even sex…

It’s not set to take place until the summer of 2015.

MF: “I see who we are as a construct of society and want to find out to what extent it’s possible to lose the sense of one’s self, myself”

Video link:

Interview with the creators:


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