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Hong Hao’s Consumption Collages

Since 2001, Beijing based photographer Hong Hao has been recording everything that passes through his hands. Both permanent and disposable. It could be described as a way of bookkeeping consumption habits. As I’ve been looking into the effects of media consumption, I find these collages’ subject matter both striking and relevant. As objects, they’re really engaging.


The series My Things is a fascinating look into the modern world. The things we throw away, and the sheer volume of packaging that we get through each year. These collages show the true extent of Consumerism. Each one is comprised of hundreds of scans or photographs.


“For Hong Hao, archiving his goods has become a way to contemplate himself and his rituals in a detached and clinical way, of re-evaluating what’s essential and what is not.”


Hong Hao is represented by PACE Beijing.