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Keith Piper Exhibition 

Keith Piper Exhibition:

Performance Intervention

Online Project

Geofence – Hack a Wifi box.

Lethaby Gallery

Ghosts in the Machine – deliberately trying to change our thoughts on it. An ideology.

Revealing the ideology thats baked into the code.

Automation of industry

Slavery in autonomous machines

Hostages / Slaves to Consumer Tech


There has been a mutation of an industrial society into what we call our techno-culture.

fetishism of the non-digital.

Projection Mapping:

Madmapper + Modul8

Resolume Arena

Lumen Art Prize Floor Plan 10032015

(obviously this will change Greatly)

Crypt Gallery FloorPlan

Lumen Prize Notes:

10032015: Lumen Prize 

Are any Artists going to be present for the Installation? (22 London / UK based)

What’s the Budget?

Cosmos Piece? What? Why? Components? Necessary technology?

More detailed Installation instructions for each piece

Size of all the pieces / prints.

Organise Visit to see the space!

Technical Equipment:



– 50 Inch plasma

– 32 inch LCD Monitor

– 2 VGA input 24inch Computer Monitor

– 2 VGA (4×3 format) compute monitors (questionable)

– 3 iMacs

– Camberwell College – Professional large Display screen (Not Definite) – comes with its own stand.

– 1 720p HD projector (physical lens shift)

– 1  non-HD projector

– Pico Projector (only 70 lumens)

– 4 Media players (2 newer ones are much more reliable than the 2 older) (£25-27 each)

– 1 Digital Media Player – Only HDMI

– 1 other reliable Player


– Screens / Boards / Linen / (White-faced hardboard) – For Projections (Using window blinds)


– Plinths in the Illustration Studio.

– Use hardboards to level the plinths


– 2.1 System

– Jack’s 2.1 System

– Creative GigaWorks T20 Speakers.

– 1 set of Genius PC speakers


– Creative GigaWorks T40 Series II 2.0 PC Speakers


– 7 Media Players

– 2 Small Monitors (for Murmur)

– Laura Dekker is providing all equipment for G0ED,

– Claire Wright is providing all equipment for They Live Below Ground