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Hal-duino Circuit Update #2

Here are some more recent images and videos of the circuit Ed has put together for my piece. I’m very excited to install it in the doorway. Fingers crossed it goes smoothly! There have been a few technical hitches (see video at the bottom).

As Ed will tell you, its been a mission to get the circuit working properly. Through his extensive experience in electronics he’s managed to get it working, whilst correcting an online Instructable! Success all round. I’m incredibly appreciative for his help with this. From my experiments last year with sensors and LEDs, to using an LED screen, to Ed’s Halogen circuit.

The circuit will allow for my main concept across these experiments to come to life. The reaction of an artwork to its audience.

Originally, the plan was to make a piece on Perspex with electrical tape. In recent weeks, I’ve realised that this can be done in a much better way. I’m now getting an acetate print the size of the doorway. This will be placed in between a white scrim in the doorway and the halogen lights. As the viewer approaches the door, the door will illuminate, revealing an abstract impression of internet connections. This aims to replicate the way that we trigger our devices to access information on the internet.

As you can see from the photos below, there have been a few different prototypes.









Printing the revised Custom Boards:









Disaster: Exploding Resistors on the first Circuit Design.





Circuit Preparation.

I met with Ed before the Low Res. We discussed how to organise the electronics for the final show. I’m still set on including a circuit that uses an Ultrasonic sensor to reveal an element of the work as the audience approaches, but the idea has simplified slightly. Instead of using LEDs, the plan is now to use Halogen bulbs as they’re brighter and can be dimmed nicely. I’m upgrading to a stronger Ultrasonic Sensor that will be embedded in the piece.

Ed attempted the circuit etching last week in the Studio, but we had some problems with the UV lamp. He’s going to attempt it again in his own time as I’m away until the beginning of April. I’ve bought and tested the scrim that these lights will be behind. I aim to create the shadow play with large perspex sheets, duct and electrical tape. The image created in the shadows will reflect a similar aesthetic to the architectural, linear images I’ve been working with. (See below). The sensor will be embedded into the doorframe of the final work. (More details on this to follow).






IMG_1308 =

I will publish a post of the working circuit when I can to capture each component of the final work separately.


And So the Year Begins…

The past month has been as refreshing as it ever is. The work i’ve done hasn’t had the impact on my research as I would like… but I must forgive myself… as it was Christmas!…. (seems to get longer every year… oh well)

I needed to make some money to buy christmas presents, and luckily found the chance to do a few Christmas Portraits. All of them are simply pencil on paper, and have been done from photographs rather than sittings, though I do aim to start a weekly life drawing class early this year to work on my confidence with sitters.

 IMG_6930 IMG_6774 IMG_7093FullSizeRender-2

All year I’ve intended to do something to remember the centenary of the First World War, and in my usual style…. i left it to the final 3 days of December to cram it in. With a stroke of luck, and a few potentially rushed decisions, I completed an A3 lino-cut to honour both the soldiers, and our remembrance of them 100 years on. It depicts a line of soldiers marching through the mud on their way to war, and below them the poppies that stem from their sacrifice.

5C602805-AAF1-45A3-A34B-846669EC4D12 5C602805-AAF1-45A3-A34B-846669EC4D12

The beginning of the month, however, was a little more productive. I created a sketchbook to bring together the work done in the first term. It simply acts as a reflective journal of my initial ideas when approaching the project proposal, including the original mind maps / notes / readings / images for inspiration / as well as my artworks. Here’s a few pages below:

IMG_6805 IMG_6806 IMG_6809 IMG_6810 IMG_6812

Below are a few till receipt sketches done whilst bored at work….. and a few other random bits and bobs from the month, both hand-drawn and digital.

IMG_6918 IMG_7013 IMG_6961 IMG_6779This month, I will continue working on a commission. The work is looking into digitised society, and the spectacles many of us miss as are faces are buried in our phones.. Its a large canvas, in fact, the largest I’ve done for a little while. The original blueprint design is a photoshopped image from different photographs taken throughout 2014. Many of the figures within the final piece, are figures I have used in separate, smaller works. The current condition of the canvas is still only an under-painting, but I will log its progress over the next few weeks, and be sure to keep this updated.

IMG_6726 IMG_6890 IMG_6898 IMG_7062

The other thing I’ve been working on, however, I aim to do a much more detailed post on this… includes an arduino and LEDs.. I have purchased the components needed to fulfil my concept…. however I am wading in waters I have no place in swimming… and haven’t yet figured out the coding necessary to fulfil my hopes…. though I did manage to get the LED working! Which is a small step…. but one thing at a time!