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To Do List 092015

I’ve fallen into another pit of laziness with the blog. June, i was focussed. Since shifting my focus to the interim show, I’ve been bad at updating my research progress but it’s been a lovely summer. 

  1. Project Proposal – As I mentioned in a previous post, this has to be updated. 
  2. Interim Write Up – Photos / experience / review.
  3. TRIBE 15 Photos, write-up. 
  4. Research Proposal Notes 
  5. End of Year 1 Thoughts 
  6. 2nd Year Hopes 

21012015 Tutorial II

¬†We spoke about my experimentation. Having looked into a variety of mixed media, my intention is to find a balance. Physically I’ve been drawing a lot, painting is something I continue to do, however so far in my research work, I haven’t really found its place. I’ve only been interested to use paint figuratively, as it allows me to be more durable with the final image. Recently my work has been focused on visualising device signals. The progression of this, is to look into how these patterns can be augmented with reality or created in virtual environments. (Mixed Signals I + II, Somewhere Beyond the.com, 01022015 and 03022015). All of this work has hoped to create an abstract impression of everyday connections. Recent tests with blender have been positive, the impact of creating light and shade brings a more realistic impression to these signals. This will help when including architecture and urban infrastructure to the images. I will continue to work with blender, and potentially UE4.

The main point I took from the tutorial was the importance of making maquettes. With my mixed media approach, it allows me to create a miniature of my intentions. The second point was to look at stained glass windows. I’ve recently been testing an LED / Ultrasonic circuit with an arduino, with little luck so far. After speaking with Jonathan, though I should really be asking Ed about this, ultrasonic sensors are notoriously difficult, and it would be better to look into leap motion or an Xbox kinect. The action I’m trying to perform is for LEDs, placed behind a frosted glass panel illuminating gradually as a person approaches. This is to mimic the effect of a head-torch, or lantern, to create a sense of discovery when stumbling across it. In front of the glass will be a laser cut scene, first drawn, and then turned to vector. I’m focused on this idea of the artwork recognising that it has a viewer, and I aim to make small-scale examples of my intentions. Another technological aspect we discussed was the inclusion of projectors. It is not easy to find enough suitable space for a projector to be working through the back of the canvas, as i’d hoped, (though i will continue to experiment with this). Jonathan mentioned short throw projectors, pico projectors, or using one with a 45degree mirror and adjusting the keystoning. These are all possibilities I hope to explore. We talked about the difference between LED and LCD projectors, LEDs have a greater depth of focus, and therefore will remain in focus when placed on a curve. This could be useful when looking at more sculptural experiments.

Other than this, we looked at the work of Daniel Rozen, and compared the similarities between exploring technology through simple materiality, as well as the audience participation involved in his work. Daniel Rozen ‘Wooden Mirror’ 1999:

Another important point for me was to focus on organising and updating my blog. At the beginning of the course, I felt the blog an intrusive force on my practice, and although i realise I must to learn to deal with it, recent weeks have proved particularly unsuccessful. I really do need to organise its functionality, i.e categories, tags, a menu… There is a lot to be done!