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Additivism will Eradicate Us


An interesting video of ‘The 3D Additivist Manifesto’. Daniel Rourke and Morehshin Allahyari delve in and create a manifesto for the Postman, post-internet, 3D creatives. They focus largely on the embodiment of machine within man, and the eventual eradication of our species.

Data is knowledge, according to the Additivists, and that knowledge is not for one but for all. There’s a strange irony in this between the apocalyptic paranoias of advancing technology and the importance of grasping and progressing with the technology…

I’m personally in the camp of growing and progressing alongside technological innovation. Maybe the ideas in this manifesto give an indication of the expectations of these technologies. Should we fear and eradicate? or embrace and innovate? You don’t really find indifferent opinions in those who care about this, but perhaps debate about past technological successes were the same.

In any case, the Additivists, or at least its proposed manifesto, gives an indication of these issues.

Worth a look.



Moto Waganari


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Moto Waganari created his own custom 3D printer to print these 3D sculpted wireframes. He uses dramatic lighting to  the further use the image on the walls of the gallery. An example of an artist using digital processes to create physical sculpture.