Gateway Build FINISHED!

I arrived at Wilson Road on Tuesday 21st June. It was empty as the BAs weren’t using it (which was unbelievably lucky for this project). Had I not had that week, I worry that it wouldn’t have been achieved to an acceptable standard. Luckily, Ed was very well prepared with the lights, and as the elements came together, I was happy with the outcome.

Its been a fantastic process. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it, even, on reflection, the hairy moments I’ve had throughout! Watching the different parts of the installation fall into place has slowly lifted the weight from my shoulders. I’ve written about this before. Site specific sculpture / installations…. to a deadline! is thrilling. There really is an element of danger of failure. (especially the way I was using power tools.) Although the risks have to be considered, in any time-pressing situation I have a deep confidence. I enjoy the rush of it, and also believe that when given a deadline, I work better working up to the moment of that deadline. Its something I’ve always done, and not always from being disorganised. The more time the better.

Anyway, the piece is finished and below are a few photos of me looking busy, but most of the finished piece.

2H4A46692H4A46672H4A46522H4A52222H4A52202H4A52122H4A52082H4A51982H4A51962H4A5190 (1)2H4A51852H4A51892H4A5191



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