Low Residency 2016


It was great to see everyone again for the Low Res, as well as meeting many of the online students properly. Always a pleasure to get together. Although I didn’t manage to get to everything, the workshops and exhibitions I attended were brilliant. I felt that the end results of the collaborative workshops were of a much higher calibre than those produced last year. The South Kiosk workshop was particularly challenging. I feel that sort of forced collaboration is a valuable exercise that I haven’t felt has happened on the course so far. Although our group had some issues securing and executing our concept… the end result was an interesting, thought-provoking accident. The other groups produced some brilliant work, its such a shame it was all only up for an hour or so.


The Blind Spot – South Kiosk Collaboration. (Not the greatest image)

I’m upset I didn’t make it to the Techno Viking film and the experimental tutorial. I’ve begun to worry a little more about my final piece, and felt that whilst I had the time off work, I needed to put some effort into the planning. South Kiosk very nicely leant me their Oculus Rift until the Wednesday.. So I needed to grasp the chance. Having heard a little about the discussions I missed – I do have views on creative insight and how quickly it can diminish. I think its important to talk creatively with everyone and explore whether collaboration is possible, however, the actual execution of that idea can fade very quickly especially on a course thats so heavily based on individual marks.

I worry that the focus on concept can cloud the creative process. During Unit 1, I found that advances in my practice came from experimenting, failing and making a mess. Of course you need a good concept, however these concepts cannot be forced, and in my eyes should be based on already existing passions, questions and curiosities. Not something overthought, and convoluted for the sake of making conceptual art. It doesn’t need to be entirely ironed out before you begin making it. That work process seems too regimented to me, and lacks any sort of fluidity. Then again, if the concept is already there, then thats always a bonus and you can get straight on with it. Its the chicken and the egg question I guess. I’ve tried both ways and each can create success and failure, so for me there’s no right way of approaching it. I’m ranting about this because I felt the piece our group created in the South Kiosk had some real weight to it on the question of the Anthropocene and its eventual output was through the failure of a number of concepts, and two attempted executions.

The Low Res this year and last year have proved valuable in understanding more about each other. If only it was a more frequent thing for everyone to be together in this way. Anyway, really enjoyed it, and learnt a lot. Thanks to everyone who was involved and organised it.


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