Recycle Group’s “Keep Me Updated Your Holiness” @ Gazelli Art House

Recycle Group have produced a particularly interesting show in Dover Street at the Gazelli Art House. The work reflects on digital and internet systems / services as dated institutions. Sculpted Logos of our computer services / utilities are moulded into the breaks of the ruined sculptures. For example, the USB, Safari, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and other logos are set into the sculptures. There is an classical aesthetic to all of the sculptures in the show. Though it should be mentioned that the works are made of rubber, and not of stone. I can imagine it was much easier to install this show than it looks.

Overall an interesting take on the current state of consumer technology.


One comment

  1. rhiannon evans

    This looks a fascinating show.
    Are all the original sculptures of religious works?
    Making them of rubber is interesting too….
    A practical decision? or ..Things are not what they seem and differences in materiality?
    Thanks for this post.


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