23112015 – Empires4Egos – Pop-Up Environment

In the past month or so, I’ve been working with Javascript and Three.js. The platform is very self-explanatory and allows you to pull together different file formats into an interactive Browser based site. This language is ideal for creating VR and Leap Motion controlled environments.

For the Pop-up show, I’ve decided to put my first environment together. It acts as a sort of virtual exhibition from within the building design I did recently. The paintings and sculptures look into online narcissism, online identity emission, the impact of virtual space and the impact of the media.

Really its just a collection of objects and ideas in a visually abstract setting. As its virtual, the user isn’t tied down to the physics of any natural gallery setting, and instead has the ability to float around the space and through the exhibits. The exhibition is held on the lower levels of the central tower of a financial / religious building design. Within the exhibition there is a small scale model of the building, though if the user wishes to explore the space further, they are able.

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