Unit 1 + 2 = Thoughts.

Unit 1 has given me the opportunity to experiment with my ideas and methodology. As I’ve tried to establish a balance between a physical and digital art practice, my work has taken many different directions. The focus of my research has been on representing digital identities in the Internet as a physical space. This pre-determines the commercial potential of virtual / augmented and mixed reality products in evaluating the Internet as a public space. Further on during the course I’ve established my interest in the inclusion of religious / iconographic elements to the creation of tradition and culture. This is as an explanation of the effects of specific imagery on a users mindset.

Understanding the web as a place calls for an architecture to be created. My experiments have helped me establish a visual language that considers the functions, actions and interactions between online users whilst forming abstract linear environments. The duplicated figurative drawings hope to show the multiplicity of online profiles each person has.
My project proposal explains my interest in deciphering digital identity, however my work so far on the MA hasn’t quite made this push. My experimentation over the past year has had some successes and of course some failures, however I don’t feel I’ve quite established this balance. I do believe, going forward, that I’ve loaded enough in the armoury to produce a critically extensive, aesthetically interesting and thought-provoking body of work for the final show based on the concepts in my original and revised project proposal.
In Unit 2 I aim to further my progress with this visual language and incorporate more identities. I hope to further the work by crossing the connections between user, device and environment by integrating their essential systems. (The systems of information movement, architectural structure, circuit structure, human anatomy and neural networks). By combining my interests in religion, stained glass windows, virtual space and audience participation in revealing the narrative, I’ll create reactive paintings on the addiction and ideologies of personal computing and the public space we all inhabit. I’ll continue to further my understanding of contemporary art production and analysis in this field, as well as furthering my abilities in the necessary technological areas.
As I have with Unit 1, I’ll continue to create physical sketchbooks for me to further understand and reflect on the work I’ve produced. I’ve found the number of sketchbooks and notebooks I’ve been using to be brilliant springboards for next steps. I’ve at times found the blog difficult for this.

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