Rev. Bill Graham: On Technology and Faith @ TED, 1998

This is a TED Talk in 1998 by Reverend Bill Graham, who is still alive today at the age of 96. This is incredibly interesting as in the video, he is about to turn 80, and is suffering from a number of health issues. His final words express how he is ready to go with God into the Afterlife… 17 years later… that time still hasn’t come.

Anyway, Here are some quotes/ideas from the Video:

– This is not the first technological Revolution. Graham spoke about how the Iron Age changed Israel during King David’s reign.

– He compared the Microchip to Iron.

– How do you change man from lying and cheating?

– “The Bible teaches us, we are more than a body and mind, we are a soul, and there’s something inside of us that is beyond our understanding. Thats the part of us that yearns for God or something more than we find in technology. Your soul is that part of you that yearns for meaning in life, and seeks for something beyond this life.”

-Thomas Edison once said “When you see everything that happens in the world of science and in the working of the universe you cannot deny that theres a captain on the bridge.”

– Wernher von Braun said, after WW2. “Science and Religion are not antagonists, on the contrary they are sisters.”

– Pascale explored life’s three main uncontrollable parameters – Evil, Suffering and Death.

– Although primarily a scientist, he submitted to God.

– Pascale’s Wager: “If you bet on God, and open yourself to his love, you lose nothing even if your wrong but if instead you bet that there is no God, you can lose it all in this life and the life to come.”……


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