Emily Allchurch Tutorial Themes? 22062015

Looking at Emily’s work, its clear to see influences from the Old Masters. I’d like to discuss the relevance of historical conventions in painting, and its effects on her practice, and in general, art practice.

Her inclusion of the light-box, and the process behind her photo-collages.

Representing the Modern World, the City and its Inhabitants – The connected Metropolis. The effects of sensor / digital technology on the city.

How has the discoveries of urban gems online changed the way she goes about her process / practice. Has it enhanced it? or has it lost an element of spontaneity when exploring urban environments? Does she use the internet in this way? Urban Exploration?

Urban Chiaroscuro? Her links with M.C. Escher. The importance of structural complexity. Fritz Lang.

Architecture and timelessness, What are her thoughts on Digital Architecture? 3D printing?

The inclusion of mysticism and child-like imagination. Castles and uncontrollable structures that can only happen on paper.

Religious Buildings.

There’s a lot here, but I’d love the opportunity to speak with Emily on even just one of these things. This is all written very quickly, so please excuse the shallow subjects.

Thought I’d add these images:

IMG_6890 IMG_6726



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