1. rhiannon evans

    Hi Charles
    I really like this…too much to look at at once…..can’t settle on any one image .
    What is the soundtrack?
    All Best Rhiannon


    • charropgriffiths

      Hey Rhiannon, yes there is a little much going on. it copies the original split screen display in gaming. The music is something I put together for the piece. I’m glad you like it! It works much better on a larger scale. Hope alls well C


      • rhiannon evans

        I like that there is so much going on! I keep trying to find pattern and sequence…
        I always find any sound ‘difficult’ with this sort of work though personally…it distracts me form looking properly and is too ‘persuasive’ / directive somehow………
        Hope all good with you too.


      • charropgriffiths

        Well, my issue usually with this sort of work, is the lack of direction. The music is there to be directive, as a reflection on film and gaming music and its ability for anticipation, suspense, movement in general. The visuals are never enough to me, there has to be a rounding off of the experience, in something time-based. repetitive footage of this nature can become monotonous, and lose meaning as it repeats itself. Music gives the viewer a sense of meaning. The film was taken from a tripod on the rooftop of a hotel in Athens, what your seeing is a flipped version of the camera looking at a reflective building, which is reflecting the streets below. It’s just the same footage in each square but with some games like Time Crisis or other early N64 or PS games, the same backstory is played in all four screens, when playing in multiplayer.


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