Thinking about God in an Age of Technology, By George Pattison.

P2 – “What is perhaps most striking about contemporary technology is not dimly the marvel (or horror) of one or other technical achievement. – space travel, the Internet, the cultivation on animals of organs for human transplants – but simply the sheet pervasiveness of technology in everyday life. Television, the mobile phone, and the Internet – the ‘information bomb’ (p. Virilio, the information bomb London: verso, 2000) – coupled with the seemingly irresistible expansion and sophistication of travel (above all, the car and the plane, with space tourism now starting to become a reality) make technology the omnipresent medium and condition of contemporary living’

P3 – ‘I have my world in the palm of my hand and I take it with me wherever I go’ – a famous quote for a mobile phone adept in the early 2000s. “This is to only a statement about technology. It is a statement about the self-image and the identity of the person using it: as the originators, the users, and the objects of our thinking, as if it were a mere supplement to the real questions of science, questions one used to see in book-titles along the lines of “Man’s place in the Universe”

Digital Technology – “It is something we ourselves are constructing and transforming through a technology that can no longer be regarded as merely an instrument intervening between ourselves and our environment.”

Aldous Huxleys Brave New World.

Teilhard de Chardin’s noosphere.


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