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Google Images

It turns out that if you google your blog and go to images, all of the images will appear…

I decided to screen capture the page as it seemed to be quite an interesting collage of the thoughts and outcomes of my practice over the last two years. It is Visual arts after all.

Here’s the result:



Gateway Build FINISHED!

I arrived at Wilson Road on Tuesday 21st June. It was empty as the BAs weren’t using it (which was unbelievably lucky for this project). Had I not had that week, I worry that it wouldn’t have been achieved to an acceptable standard. Luckily, Ed was very well prepared with the lights, and as the elements came together, I was happy with the outcome.

Its been a fantastic process. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it, even, on reflection, the hairy moments I’ve had throughout! Watching the different parts of the installation fall into place has slowly lifted the weight from my shoulders. I’ve written about this before. Site specific sculpture / installations…. to a deadline! is thrilling. There really is an element of danger of failure. (especially the way I was using power tools.) Although the risks have to be considered, in any time-pressing situation I have a deep confidence. I enjoy the rush of it, and also believe that when given a deadline, I work better working up to the moment of that deadline. Its something I’ve always done, and not always from being disorganised. The more time the better.

Anyway, the piece is finished and below are a few photos of me looking busy, but most of the finished piece.

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Photo – 3D process

I began the course looking at translating 2d pencil drawings to 3dimensional objects in software such as Blender. I take a lot of photos in my free time and realises that there were assets amongst my photos that I wasn’t utilising. Using the same process, I made simplistic line drawings of photographs. These photographs are of passers-by in train stations, on beaches, in the street, in galleries, pubs, anywhere really.

In the animation there are a number of 3Dimensional figures made from these photographs. It goes back to one of the first things I did on the course at our laser cutter induction in the old wood workshop (may it rest in peace).


Here are some images trying to give more of an insight into the process surrounding the figures in my VR animation.

IMG_6144-2Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 02.22.20Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 02.22.28Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 02.22.12



VR Texturing


Below are the UV maps of the pillars. These include a Specularity, Occlusion, Displacement, Normals and Diffuse ( Colour ) Map. Each of these have different effects on the overall texture of the mesh.


Vaults UV:


When I first started with Blender in Dec 2014 / Jan 2015 I couldn’t go anywhere near these. UV mapping was utterly alien, but after a long period of forced learning I began to see the benefits. As soon as the benefits of a new skill become necessary to achieve what you want to achieve, I find its easy to learn it, (as long as you have an outcome that you wish the perform). Learning something from scratch without a reason to use it is lengthy and broad. Of course, you can utterly master the skill, but with computer technology, the software moves at an astounding rate. I find it more interesting to keep flowing through software.

Equirectangular Renders

After I didn’t secure an Oculus Rift for the final show, I turned to my phone. Luckily, Blender has an option within the panorama camera function for the output to be Equi-rectangular. Which is such a beautiful word. Its process is similar to turning this:


into this:world_map_outline_header.jpg__1500x670_q85_crop_subsampling-2

Although similar, its not entirely the same, for consistency and ability to read the map, its been altered.

Below are a few examples of rendered frames that have developed along the process of creating the VR side of my work. These images are raw renders (no noise reduction, editing, colour correction, grading… NOTHING!).

There have been a number of alterations along the way with this. It’s been a lengthy, experimental yet very fulfilling and mind-altering experience…. that… if i’m honest… I cannot wait to do again.

I’ve loved it, and feel I’ve found a real home in 360 animation. It’s flexible, manageable and with enough persistence and dedication, anything can be created.

If I’m honest with the final VR Piece, I began to get frustrated with it, but Ed reminded me this week that when you spend too long looking or listening to the same thing, you are first of all its worst critic, and second of all, after multiple setbacks, thinking differently about its outcome. It affects you emotionally, and if it angers you, you’d naturally begin to like it less.

Luckily, I think i enjoy this frustration…. as long as the end result succeeds… but then again… who doesn’t. Its a possibility of failure that excites me alongside a belief that with enough effort and focus, anything (within reason) is achievable. (you also need good resources and in many cases a brilliant team) but if it gets done, it gets done.

My VR piece is now done. So thats positive.